Friday, August 23, 2013

Monarch Butterfly Fiesta Day 2013

Monarch Fiesta Day
August 31, Saturday 10:00 am -3:00 pm
Naturalists will be on hand to talk about the life cycle of the Monarch butterflies. Visitors can tour the butterfly exhibits to learn more about the Monarch's life cycle and migration to Mexico. Butterflies will be tagged with small circular sticky tags and presented to visitors prior to their release.  Children ages 4+ will be able to make caterpillars, butterfly masks and do Monarch butterfly stamp art. In addition, a naturalist will lead an insect hunt for children and adults.  Nets are provided and the naturalist will identify insects caught.  A game maze around the butterfly catching area will amuse children as well as teach them a little about butterfly migration.  Inside the visitor's center, children can enjoy additional crafts, viewing live caterpillars on potted plants and a short video about the butterfly life cycle.  Story time events are recommended for ages 3+ and their families. In addition, staff will help children use their insect nets to catch different insects in the meadow. Visitors can also watch as naturalists identify and tag butterflies to document the migration. Tables with nature items and food items will be available. This is a Free event.  The park is a beautiful, family friendly area and great for picnics, hiking and canoeing. 

Black Hills Regional Park hosts a number of week day events throughout
the year geared to families and children. 

During Storytime on the Lake, children can listen to a story while on a pontoon boat. Staff help the children search for animals and other interesting objects of nature ($5). End of summer programs include Bald Eagles August 28 and Dragonflies August 29.

Calendar of programs link

Montgomery County Parks
20926 Lake Ridge Dr
Boyds, Maryland
Visitor's Center 301-528-4380
Open: Monday - Sunday 11:00-6:00 pm

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